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Pastor’s Message – October 15, 2019

1 Kings 17:3 “Go away from here and turn eastward, and hide yourself by the brook Cherith, which is east of the Jordan.”

Elijah was a prophet of Israel, a man of great power, he was a great prayer warrior and yet God tells him to go to an isolated, nowhere place and wait on God there.

We know it was for his protection that God sent Elijah there, but it was also for His mission. We think we always have to be doing something, saying something, on task, watching the news being entertained. However; God has always sent His great servants to an isolated nowhere place and if you have found favor with God, He has brought you to that place of isolation. There you are right now and God is saying, “Child, I can hear you and you are now in a place where you can hear me. What is God saying to you right now? Listen closely and then all of these problems will start to make sense as you pray that God will give you a Heavenly perspective on your life and ask God to make Himself real to you so that you may hear His voice and experience Him. Then pray and ask God to give you understanding so that you may come to the place where you are thankful and almost excited about your place of isolation.

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